May 6, 2006

I'm back, I'm nationwide

I am finally back from a long roadtrip that began last Sunday. The trip started with the limo driver wanting me to go into business with him. He claims he is making over $100 K per year at this business, but never really explained why he is picking up passengers at the Newark airport at 11:00 at night.

The trip home was eventful. I picked up my new company car to drive home. I had to stop at a dealer to investigate the "check charging system light" that came on 200 miles into my trip. This necessitated a two hour detour and stop in Wilkes-Barre. Did I mention this was a BRAND NEW car? It only had 198 miles on it when I pulled into the Ford Dealer. The light came on intermittently during the balance of the trip. I determined that I was going to drive it until it died, then call for roadside assistance if necessary. As it was I enjoyed a 20+ hour day.

More later -- A huge thanks to Otter for filling in while I was gone. Be sure and tell him how he did in the comments.

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