May 23, 2006

King Arthur

It was beautiful yesterday, high right about 70 and sunny. Today looks like a repeat, no rain until Wednesday night. The sun over the weekend ended a string of 11 straight days of rain. It will be nice for baseball practice this evening. The move to Daylight Savings Time is clear in Indiana, it already is still light after nine PM.

We enjoyed supper on the deck last night. I cooked up barbecue chicken, hashbrown cassarole, corn on the cob, and fresh sliced tomatoes from the farmers market. Finally a tomato that had some taste!

Posting might be light again this week, traveling again to Chicago.

I could offer you the same old rants about our not so conservative President, the low regard I hold for our Senate and Representatives. I could go on about immigration, and the half-assed prosecution of the war on terror, but why bother? Many of you feel the same, and I am bored with it all.

This post, like the one yesterday has nothing to do with King Arthur. I am reading a book about that worthy subject, and he is on my mind.

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