May 12, 2006

Rocker loses on American Idol

There is mourning at my house. Apparently the favorite on American Idol lost earlier this week. There was gnashing of teeth, wailing about never watching the show again. There was hope when rumors floated about phone line problems and malfeasance.

My level of interest in such is evident by the posting about such things several days later. Who gives a rats hairy ass about American Idol? If you are going to let the phone in votes of 14 year old girls determine your happiness and enjoyment of a TV show, well I have nothing more to say.

I say let hot girls sing naked and I might watch. Until that programming change I really could not care less about American Idol.

My winless baseball team has games tonight and tomorrow. At the beginning it was the consensus we would be one of the teams to beat. I guess it is bad coaching. I suspect we will be 0-4 by this time Sunday.

Do not forget about Mother's Day!

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