May 17, 2006

Take it easy

The broadband is working, I hooked up the wireless with no trouble at all. Thanks to all who offered their help (that includes you Jerry).

The weather looks like it will finally break today, partly sunny and temps hitting the 70's. I hope the weather holds -- we have a full slate of baseball scheduled for this weekend. 4 games in three days -- the pitchers will be worn out!

As I expected, GW offered nothing of substance. If it is the desire of the President that immigrants should learn English, he should immediately issue an Executive Order demanding all Federal Government documents, signs, paperwork, etc. be printed only in English. That is what I thought. Allowing illegals to stay under any circumstances is amnesty -- I do not care what you call it. The whole plan is just window dressing put up to make the Repubs appear to be doing something to save the midterm elections. Write your Senator and tell him what you think!

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