June 28, 2006

Ask Hoosierboy edition 2.

It is time for another addition of Ask Hoosierboy. This is where you the reader get to choose the content of this blog. Ask me anything and I will give you an answer. Need help with that research paper? Do you not understand an issue of politics or history? Do you have sports questions? Is there an aspect of the HB's personal life you need to know in the fashion of the National Enquirer? I have always set as a personal goal the ability to discuss in an intelligent fashion any subject, any time (seriously). This is your opportunity to put that ability to the test.

Why do I temp fate with this exciting program? Well, I want to make you, the reader, happy. I want you to get the vital info about life in general, and HB in particular, you can find no where else (unless you know Otter, who will burn me at the drop of a hat, or for the price of a beer!). Secondly, I have drawn a blank for posts, I can only bitch and rant for so long.

Submit your questions now.


I already have a question about the great Sioux uprising of 1890. DO NOT make me write about that!

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