June 5, 2006

Naked Blogging

Good morning, and a beautiful Monday it is. I am up early, I am on my way to Southern Illinois for the day. I took the trash out already, took a quick look at the wife's flowers and they all look great.

We had all star baseball tryouts yesterday, the little one played pretty well. I did not go back later to watch any games, a day off from baseball was in order. I did some weed killing, and plant feeding instead.

I listened to another of the Berkeley lectures yesterday, this one on the Spanish American War. I was very surprised to hear of President William Henry Harrison's response to the revolt in Hawaii. He only died about 70 years prior to Queen Lilluokalani's reign! Now this lecture series has become like a bad movie, I cannot quit listening to see what historical abortion I hear next. I will have several hours in the car to get my fix.

Have a great Monday.

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