July 18, 2006

Why me?

I am a middle aged man, my shoulders and knees wracked with pain from arthritis, my vision getting worse every day. I have little computer expertise, no photoshopping skills. I try to put out a blog to share a few jokes, some stories about my childhood. Sometimes I write a nice little opinion piece about politics. Fat in Indiana is never about the hate, the angry vitriol that you find on some blogs.

I find a catchy, yet old school way of advertising the good work we do here, and an angry woman/dragon finds a way to hurt me.

I may not have the best spelling skills, or the sharpest mind, but to attack a poor defenseless middle aged man, well, that is just low. I try to work hard, to eke out a meager living for my family. Tending to garden of life, I do no evil. Yet I am attacked by the Alabama Hezbollah, just for being me. I use what feeble means I have available to defend myself, yet I get this.
Who will help the Hoosierboy defend his tiny little piece of land in the blogworld? Who will come to my aid against these aggressive attacks from Alabama Dragon? Poor little Hoosierboy, needs your help defending TRUTH JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY. Do it for the children. Do it for the bunnies, and puppies the kittens and butterflies. Do it for the little guy. Support me against the bully on the beach kicking sand in my face.

I will use my weak and skinny arms to fight the Dragon on the beaches, in the hills, in the cities. We shall not waver, we shall not bend, we will endeavor to persevere in this onslaught. Did we give up when the Nazis attacked Pearl Harbor -- Hell NO!!! And I will not give up now. Who is with me?

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