September 3, 2006

And so it goes

The title of this post used to be a favorite saying of mine, I stole it from a character in a Vonnegut novel. It is a good catchall for the comments one needs to make on life. It really does not work. The random good and bad happenings of life sometimes need further comment and analysis. Besides, I figured out Vonnegut was a blowhard socialist.

Speaking of socialist tomorrow we celebrate the big socialist holiday. The founders of Labor day envisioned a May Day types celebration of the worker like we used to see in USSR. Now it has become the last bash of summer.

Thank goodness the NFL preseason is over. The announcer have certainly earned their money trying to keep us interested in watching no names third stringers competing in meaningless games staged only to make the owners more money.

I am off to watch my favorite chick-flick, Breakfast at Tiffanies. Man, my life sucks in so many ways.

I did not win the lottery last night because I forgot to play, as usual.

Finally, in the last of the random comments that make up this post, I had a dream about being late for class. Cripes, I am 44 years old and have not been in school for more than two decades. I was wearing an overcoat all the time, al la Colombo. I did put the teacher in his place. And so it goes.

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