September 19, 2006

Boilermaker Tuesday

I spent the day in beautiful (and chilly) West Lafayette, Indiana touring Purdue with my son. He took a college day to visit the fine institution of Neil Armstrong and Drew Brees and Bob Greise. The campus is as I remember it; large.

Lafayette has changed a lot since I moved from the area 17 years ago. The old Sears on the levee is long gone, as is the bridge I used to travel on Main street to visit my girlfriend/now wife when she was a young freshman co-ed.

I looked for Goldbloom on every street corner and in front of every house, but she was not to be seen, even though I took a different way through town (in on 26, out past the mall for the locals). I guess she was not out today, at least where I could find her. I am more than confidant she will spend the coming nights and days in constant and unrelenting sorrow when she learns she had a chance to actually glimpse the Hoosierboy and his progeny. Wipe those tears, oh Goldbloom. Against my judgment I may grace the gently rolling terrain of Tippecanoe County again this weekend when there is a quasi-reunion of the spouse's family in the Dayton vicinity. Just knowing I will be that close, I am sure sets your nether regions aquiver.

It is off to Muncie and Ball State tomorrow for further College Day adventures. At least I can get me another "Ball U" T shirt like the one the cops made me take off in Daytona Beach in 1979. Those cracker cops have no sense of humor.

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