September 1, 2006

Fashion Statement / Friday Five

Sometimes I think my brain is going to explode with questions and the desire for knowledge. For example, a certain question bothered me a good portion of the very early morning hours. It is acceptable that women have breast enlargements. They wear padded bras, push up bras, all sorts of paraphenalia to increase their sexuality. Yet if we were to see a man wearing a codpiece, or even using a rolled up sock or maybe a roll of quarters in his jockeys to increase his "bulge", said man would be met with ridicule. 'Splain that to me Lucy.

It is Friday and the last unofficial weekend of summer. Time to put away your white shoes, ladies. In honor of this occasion the new and improved favorite five debuts today. List in the comments your five favorite songs that remind you of summer. It does not have to be the Beach Boys, but rather that song that takes you back to cruising the strip, that special girl under your arm. What song reminds you of the burning of a doobie on a summer evening, the taste of beer while the tunes pounded out of the speakers, the feel of your sweaty back and legs as they stuck to the vinyl of the seat in your un-air conditioned car or truck? What were you playing on the transistor while you painted Grandma's garage? Who grooved you at the pool or beach? What song evokes memories of teenage life in those carefree days of summer vacation? Those are the songs for this week's Friday Favorites.

Contribute or else Tinkerbell will die.

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