September 28, 2006

They just want to get laid

It is a good thing I am not a cricket, or my wings would be rubbed raw making the old chirp chirpo to attract a mate. I think we have some crickets around the house that are in the same boat. All night long I hear the stupid song of crickets. The previous owners of this house did not do much in the way of yard work so the weeds were high around the house. I am working on getting them cleared out, but there are clearly a lot of crickets around. I think if I cut the weeds and spray some pesticide they will be gone. Of course, in that same time the cold weather will do my work for me! Hey GuyK or any other of you fisherman you are welcome to come and catch them for bait.

Say a quick prayer for my blog friend Dazd. He has apparently had a heart attack. In the same vein, has anyone heard an update on the Delftsman? There have been no postings since Lila was angry they wanted to send him home. I am thinking of you both.

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