October 16, 2006

Calling all Attorneys

I know this is wrong, but I need the best kind of legal advise -- cheap.

When my house was sold I told the new owners that a friend would be coming in the next several weeks to get the swingset / play center. The swingset was not a permanent structure. I will admit that it is the kind constructed from lumber and included a tower / slide / and swings.

The new owner did not indicate a problem at the time. Now, when my friend came for the swing set, the new owner claims he bought the swingset. I claim that it is just like my trampoline or patio furniture, it is mine. Of course, I do not want the swingset, I just do not want to look like an asshole to my friend. As you can see, I do not want to pay a lawyer to fight over property I do not want.

What is the status of this swingset, and who owns it?

Please help.

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