October 20, 2006

Finally Friday

Thank goodness it is Friday, what a long lousy week.

I went out to do my afternoon snake hunt yesterday. The basilisk was hiding due to the rain and cold wind. I am sure he is inching closer to the house, plotting my demise. As the grass is shorter, and dying, I have noticed a number of holes all about one inch or so in diameter near the storage barn and brook. Some are on the house side of the water. This is a bad omen. Did the previous owner poke holes in the yard at random? Is it rodents? Could it be crawdads? Is there a veritable herd of black mambas twisting and twining their evil bodies in a huge underground warren beneath my property? Am I going to have to burn the house and move?

In the spirit of my snake infestation, for the Friday Five:

What scares you?

Here is my list:

2. Spiders
3. Heights -- this is strange as I used to be a roofer, and there was nothing I would not try to climb in my youth. Heck, I have jumped out of airplanes.
4. Bridges. This does not bother me so much anymore.
5. Failure

And I should mention, I am afraid of snakes.

Common you lurkers, play along. Give me your comments -- What are you afraid of? Do it for the chillrin, do it for the little kittens and puppies at the animal shelters.

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