October 22, 2006

Where are all of the bunnies?

So, it has been a week since I eyed the evil killer serpent in my backyard. I have tried in vain to catch another glimpse. Now I must face the real questions. Can I go into the yard at night without fear? Will I be able to walk the lawn in the late evenings barefoot as is my wont (next summer mind you, it is too cold now)?

Here is a list of issues I must face:

1. Did I really see the snake?
2. Did the hate vibe and evil looks I sent in the snake's direction scare it off?
3. Has it burrowed underground for the winter?
4. Is it slowly trying to dig under my house trying to find a means to hide under my bed?
5. Is the snake plotting to come in through my window on a rainy night like I once saw in an unnamed movie where this cobra slithered through a window to kill the unsuspecting sleeper? I think seeing this scene in a movie as a youngster help fuel my fear of snakes. Does anyone know what movie this was? I turned the channel in terror.
6. Is the snake now sending out weird snake signals to encourage his buddies to infest my house as in the article found at Goldbloom's place?
7. What made all of the holes in my yard, and am I facing an infestation of reptiles next summer?
8. How do I kill the son of a bitch when I cannot find it?
9. How do you kill a snake when you are terrified of them. I live inside the city limits so shooting it (my first choice) is not an option.
10. Will the terrifying dreams about snakes ever stop?

At my old house I had birds and ducks and geese and bunnies and frogs. Here I have snakes. I am not sure I made an upgrade. I have yet to see a bunny here. Is that a bad sign? Maybe that is because of the ferral cats roaming the neighborhood. BTW, if I decide to shoot the now invisible snake in the event it decides to again reveal itself, the damn loadmouth tan cat is getting it too. Shitting on my sidewalk is not amusing.

Watch some football and have a happy Sunday.

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