November 7, 2006


I am not bitter. For those of you who voted Libtardarian, or Democrat to "punish" the Republicans. I sincerely hope we do not regret it. If we cut and run in Iraq, looking for one more example of "peace with honor" we will be no better than the French surrender monkeys. Remember Bin Laden himself said that he was encouraged to move forward with 9/11 because of the democrat cut and run tactics used by the honorable, slick Willie. Good luck finding another ally to fight on our side. Shit we will be in league with the switch side Italians. Well, the dimoccrits want us to be more like the Euros -- looks like we will get their wish. Now the terrorists will not have to fight us OVER THERE, they can come here since they will have proven we are cowardly.

I hope you enjoy gotcha politics and the next two years of impeacments, hearings, finger pointing, and gutter politics. I only hope the Republicans grow some balls and finally stand for the true Reagan principles the core of the party stands for.

If you are a socialist, or a communist, you are about to get a true comrade in Nancy Pelosi.

What is this country coming to when Democrats even win Indiana?

Finally a word of warning to Senate Republicans: This election was not a referendum on Democrats -- it was a message to you. Take heed or you will see BIG changes in 2008.

The country will vote for a conservative message. We just need someone with the balls to speak it.

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