November 15, 2006

Big Boobies

I watched part of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes this morning. I have to say that Marylin Monroe really does not do much for me. Her voice annoys me to no end. I know what some of you are saying -- "HB you do not want to talk to her". IN any case I have never been hot for blondes, my taste runs to brunettes and redheads. Jane Russell is also in this flick. She is stacked, but she comes across in this movie, and every other movie, and her bra commercials as a total unmitigated bitch. A real unpleasant person. She did shack up with Howard Hughes, but that is neither here nor there.

OJ Simpson has come out with a book and interview that details if he did kill Ron and his wife how he would have done it. Does this guy have no sense of shame? I hope those idiots on his jury are proud of themselves.

What,you do not think the previous paragraphs are related? Look again at the title to the post.

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