November 2, 2006

Just a song before I go...Or liveblogging the Hoosierboy brain

Purportedly (is that a word?) Graham Nash of CSN wrote the tune Just a Song Before I Go in 15 minutes on a dare before leaving a recording session. In that vein I am going to see if I can get off a post of random thoughts before I leave to the supplier conference at Big Customer.

Supplier Conferences are usually boring affairs.

Acidman was right, you can spend a day writing what you deem a masterpiece post. The one you crank out in seconds will get the most hits and comments.

The most comments I have received in recent times is on a dream involving sex. I guess I know what my readers are looking for. Perverts.

Either I am a political genius that everyone agrees with, or some of you lack the guts to argue with me.

I live for arguments about anything -- politics, religion, history, philosophy. Bring it on.

I have had to buy new pants because my old jeans WERE TOO BIG.

To make up for that I bought a Hostess peach pie at Wal-Mart today.

The fat cow who checked out my groceries put the pie in the bag with the box of garbage bags. Stupid girl. I guess I know why she is working at Wal-Mart. OMG, did I just channel John Kerry!

Speaking of old Horseface, I am not sure which is more appalling - his disdainful comments about the military, or that he is surprised at the backlash.

Does anyone notice most of the top Dimocrats are out of sight? If most Americans knew what a socialist Pelosi is, they would never vote for a local Dimocrat in abject fear she might become Speaker of the House and three heartbeats away from being President. Hear me on this people -- Russians from the former USSR would be comfortable with her political views. Do some research and vote accordingly.

The little one leaves in the morning for Space Camp. He is juiced.

I will not be here to take him to the bus in the morning. The wife is not thrilled about this. She has to get up extra early to get him there and still get ready for work on time.

Beef Jerky kicks ass -- especially the Jack Links kind flavored with A1.

Do you ever sit and think "man I could use a beer"?

The combo of Taco Bell and aforementioned beef jerky for lunch might not have been a good idea in retrospect. Farting my evening away might not make the impression desired with executives from Big Customer.

I am tempted to publish this baby without spellcheck so you can all see what a retard I really am.

Isn't it crazy that I am spending the night in a hotel just a little more than 1 and 1/2 hours from my home? What if I were to add I will be 5 minutes from my mother-in-law and 15 from my parents?

My neighbor owns two of the ugliest cars imaginable.

I have toyed in recent days of posting an actual photo of me. Maybe one that is old. What if I did and someone actually recognized me and said "Holy Shit I know that guy"? Could I keep posting the crazy stuff I do if I knew I did not have anonymity? Do I really anyway? If you think you know me send me an email. I am starting to weird myself out.

Hey, you would be paranoid too, if everyone were out to get you.

I have seen neither hide nor scale of the snake in my backyard. Was I dreaming?

Did you ever see a black door and want to paint it red?

I could go on like this all day, but I have to pack soon. ETD 3:00.

I hate that it is getting too cold to go outside and smoke a cigar. If it is warm, it is likely windy this time of year.

If having the daylight extend later in the evening is a good thing, and saves so much money etc., why do we go back in the winter? Shouldn't we move ahead even further so that it is light later in the evening? How is getting dark at five o'clock in the winter better that getting dark at 6:00? If getting dark at 9:30 in the summer is better than at 8:30, shouldn't the same be true in winter? Could it be no one plays golf in the winter? Could someone who is smart explain this to me?

There you go, a live blog of my mind for a few minutes in the afternoon. I challenge you to do the same.

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