November 13, 2006

Monday Morning Coming Down

Shew, Mondays suck. I have my quarterly forecast due tomorrow, so do not expect much from me today. Based on past performance I am sure I have set the bar low enough, and your expectations are not that high anyway.

Are the Colts that good, or is their PERFECT record all smoke and mirrors?

I saw Ron White on Friday, a very belated Birthday gift. If your only exposure to Mr. White is from the Blue Collar DVDs, you are missing the real act. I think he loses something when he performs with Foxworthy et al, because they want to keep the PG rating. He was rude crude and hilarious. The facial expressions killed me. When I got done my face hurt from laughing so much. The warm up guy was also VERY good. The Elliott Hall of Music at Purdue was the venue, and it is sure outdated. White is definitely a better comedian live.

I fixed beef and noodles and mashed potatoes for supper last night. Long-time readers might remember this is my mostest favorite meal ever. I went to bed a mostly happy guy. If I could have gotten laid things would have been better. That is not too likely to happen though.

Hey, I told you at the beginning -- I've got nuttin.

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