November 8, 2006

Now What?

Dear President Bush
cc: Republican National Committee

I bet you are sitting in your plush conference rooms this morning doing a post mortem. Did the country make a political move to the left? Are conservative principles no longer in vogue? What happened?

Well first off, you lost to a party that ran on the platform they were not YOU. They offered no plans, just change. If they did cite a stand, it was usually conservative. Mostly they just were not YOU. Carl Rove, your genius is missing.

Here is why you lost:

You failed to close the borders. Americans are sick of being asked to push "2" for English. We are sick of watching tens of thousands of dollars leave our local community for Mexico via money order and Western Union every week. We are upset our teenagers cannot find employment. We are sick of seeing Hispanic names comprising the majority of the police calls in the local paper. We are sick of emergency rooms full of illegal immigrants. We want the borders closed, the illegals SENT BACK. I call bullshit on the idea that Americans will not do these jobs.

You failed to show any sort of fiscal responsibility. The moniker tax and spend Democrat has been replaced by tax cut and spend Republican. The failure to put pressure on your own to stop the 'bridge to nowhere" and other pork has infuriated your voters. In a like mind the utter failure of the President to veto any spending bill, especially the prescription and farm handouts -- caused many to vote against you.

There is a perception you do not know what your are doing in the WOT. I support the invasion of Iraq, and you used the same arguments as your predecessor. You did the right thing. But there seems to be no plan, no end. Maybe there is, but in any case you lost the PR battle. You have the bully pulpit, use it. When you did it was too little too late. Again, you did nothing to show there is any plan except "stay the course". Your refusal to actually Identify the enemy was key to winning this battle. When you backed away from the term Islamic Fanatics you showed your are weak, afraid of pissing off the very people who we are fighting. Call a spade a spade and the hell with those who do not like it.

The Republicans in the Senate. Mealy mouthed compromising weaklings. Good God, what happens when a man goes to Washington -- does he lose all sense of right and wrong? Sometimes you just cannot compromise.

You played the morality card too many times When you put up yourself as "better and more moral" than the other guys they are going to prove you wrong. Too many scandals, too close to the election. Fair or not, you got outsmarted.

Finally, if you want to recapture the government in 2008 you must be strong. Learn how to veto, Mr. President. Stem cell research is NOT the place to start. Republicans MUST take a stand and stick to it. Gridlock is not a bad thing. Our country"s security is your paramount consideration, that includes the WOT and securing our borders. Make a plan and fight for it, even if you lose it will differentiate you from the evil party. Then you too can run next time as "we are not them".

You are welcome, free of charge.

Oh, and to those of you who wanted to punish the Republicans. I hope you remember that message when the tax cuts are gone and the terrorists come here to murder again.

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