November 14, 2006

Tuesday Grab Bag

Well, here I am posting on the new version of Blogger. I suspect I am going to have to redo the Haloscan etc. It has its own problems. Man, I find it hard to complain about Free stuff.

I read recently that American workers are the most productive in the world, by far. I can speak for my experience in Europe. Lazy assholes I say. In the last years at BIG COMPANY, we had to have most of our International meetings in Europe. The Euroweenies did not like the fact that when they came to the US the day started at eight am, and we worked through lunch (catered in usually), finally ending around 5:30 or 6:00 in the evening. They preferred a more civilized beginning of the day around 9-9:30, followed by a 1-1/2 hour lunch, knocking off around 5:00 at the latest.

I mention this because we are entering the "dead season" for anyone in sales. The time between Thanksgiving and the second week of January is impossible. Engineers are trying to finish projects, Purchasing types are looking ahead to next year. Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, office parties and generally relaxed attitude at work. Salesmen are usually welcome if they have brought a gift. So it goes.

I just had some peach cobbler reheated for breakfast. I poured milk over it. Do any of you do that? I put milk on my cereal, my jello, my pudding, cake, fruit pie and cobbler. My Grandmother loved saltine crackers crumbled in milk for a snack. I could never acquire a taste for that or sop -- milk soaked in bread. I do like bananas in milk. What strange things do you eat with milk?

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