January 6, 2007

Patience, Donkey, Patience

I will get part two of my Operation Torch post up soon, probably Monday. I have misplaced my research notes, and I have to look a few things up. Most of the preceding post I did off the top of my head, but some names dates and the casualty figures are deep in the cranium somewhere and need to either be coaxed out or re-learned. This takes time. Since I refuse to use Wikipedia I have to look for other on-line sources and judge their reliability, or go to the library. What? You did not know Wikipedia is notoriously inaccurate and filled with utter bullshit? It is, and if you want to have a serious discussion here, do not quote it to me. I will laugh in your face. I want to also add, the previous post was just an overview to get to the real story, the behavior of the French leading up to and during Operation Torch. A lot of details are missing and a lot of history is glossed over. It was purposely lacking in detail. If you want more details, email me, or let me know in the comments and I will expound. I could write about this stuff every day for the next 20 years and not run out of stories.

History does not happen in a vacuum. No historical event is isolated. We cannot understand the history of WWII without understanding WWI and the Franco-Prussian war before that. To understand the enmity of the French to the English one has to go back a thousand years. Those nationalistic hatreds had a tremendous effect on how WWI was fought and how the French behaved in the beginning of WWII. Those ancient hostilities had a profound effect on the birth of this nation. For instance, if the British had not been forced to wage a war against France on the North American Continent, the Stamp Act and Townsend Laws would not have been passed (The King felt the Colonists should pay for their protection against the Indians and French). Without those acts there was no Tea Party, no Boston Massacre, no Lexington and Concord. Maybe there is no US? What happens if the French do not come to our aid in the Revolutionary War? History is circles within circles and that is why the subject fascinates me. Enough of that, either you love the subject or hate it. Blame your teachers in any case.

Today begins the real NFL season. Most experts are writing off the Colts. They have a shot at any game with that offense. I have to admit, my Grandma could run against that defense. LT deserves the most valuable player award his year. I have to ask, is the high level of play by Peyton Manning become an expectation? Would any other quarterback received so few votes for MVP after putting up the stats he did this year? Maybe only Brady is so overlooked. These are two of the greatest ever to play this position, and I think their outstanding ability is often just taken for granted. Only nine interceptions, ho hum. 4,000 yards passing, so what?

I am watching a cat stalk something near my storage barn. Maybe a mouse? It has finally stopped raining. The ground is saturated. At least it is not snow. Can you believe we are in the middle of January and the temperature is in the 50's? Save us algore!

My coffee is empty so I am off to get more and to read a little of your thoughts. Have a good weekend.

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Ellen said...

can you pleasssse comment back and tell me how to find the patience donkey patience story. my grandma told me it forever ago and I don't even know what it's called and when I search google all that comes up is your blog which I'm sure is great but it's not what I want.

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