January 9, 2007

That is an asswhipping

Ohio State got whipped. I have mixed feelings my joy at seeing those pompous assholes defeated is marred by the idea it was Florida that did it. I am so sick of hearing about the mighty SEC in football or the ACC in basketball. I wonder what would happen if the game had been played in early November, immediately at the season's end. Both teams had a long layoff, but Ohio State looked more than a bit rusty. Mostly, to be honest, I did not care and only watched snippets of the game. Instead I reread about 1/2 of a Aubry/ Maturin novel (#4 if you are curious). I really do not give a fig about college football.

Last night I fixed breaded pork tenderloin and homemade mac and cheese for supper. Tonight we had spaghetti.

It is 1:24 am, I cannot sleep. I have about 5 hours of driving and some serious negotiating to do tomorrow. I am not concerned, I just have a hard time sleeping anymore. I am dumbfounded there are people in my company pissed off because a customer has exceeded his forecast by some 100%. These are mostly manufacturing people. I know the problems this causes, I used to be a master scheduler, but at some level shouldn't someone be grateful this guy's business is booming? I love business!

I am off, I will drink a glass of OJ and try to go to sleep. Learn something.

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