January 21, 2007

Snow, snow, snow

With apologies to Rosemary Cloony, I am singing about snow right now. Winter has finally arrived. We have a couple of inches on the ground and snow is still gently falling.

The weather conditions for the big game? In Indianapolis I predict seventy degrees and so loud your fucking head will ache. Good luck to the announcers trying to point out the obvious at the beginning of the game over the crowd noise. I am not sure if you have heard, Peyton Manning has not yet won a Superbowl. He will never be complete as a human until then, I hear. I guess he is some kind of superman, playing games one against eleven every week. The shitty defense had nothing to do with past Playoff loses in New England. And to think, I though football was a team game.

Indy 20, New England 17.

It is good to see Otter return to the comments. He also sent me some jokes that will make their way to these pages.

I am going to a football party this evening to watch the Colts play. The hosts have been very particular about the invitees, they only want people there who will WATCH THE GAME. I only agreed to go when this fact was brought to light. I will prepare nacho dip, little weinies, and a fruit pizza to contribute to the fare.

It looks like the Hildebeast is joining Obamarama in the Quest for Power. If you want to be President why do you need to form an exploratory committee? Good god, if you begin your quest with a decision by committee what does that say for your decision making skills? Either you want to be Pres, or you do not. Run or not. Farookin committees, indeed. If you think either of these potential Dimocrit hopefuls are qualified could you let me know in what way? Being a person of color (whatever that means) or having remarkable luck in the cattle futures market do not count. I will make this not-so-bold prediction, If the Hildebeast gets the nomination, you will see a Republican voter turnout of unprecedented proportions. She cannot be elected, she has too much baggage, and I am not talking about under the eyes.

Of course I do not mind civic discourse, but I am done with assholes in the comments. As I stated before, push me.

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