February 5, 2007

Colts Win!

Grossman is taking a lot of heat for the Bears Loss. One pundit even claimed Grossman should have been the MVP for the winning team. That is brutal. Rex had a bad game, but you have to put a great deal of the blame for the Colts victory on the Bears Defense. They were in no shape or form the '85 Bears. The Colts out hustled, out muscled, and physically handled the bears on both sides of the ball. Just like every other vaunted defense that has played the Colts this year, the Bears were unable to stop the Colts offense.

I am a happy boy today.

Like a lot of the country, it is brutally cold here in the Hoosier heartland today. More of the same is expected all week. I will be in southern climes for business, maybe I will post, maybe not. Your patience is appreciated, read some of the fine folks over there on the right for some good entertainment. In any case the best course of action is click early and often, just in case I make a post. I know you would not want to see what pearls of wisdom I have sent your way via the blogsphere.

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