February 23, 2007

A few simple truths

After a week of nonsense and jokes I feel compelled to try and write a real post. Here are some truths we should keep in mind:

1. 'Tis the season of tax refunds. These are refunds not free giveaways from the government. The State took your money and used it interest free for a year. They made profit from YOU, they collected the interest you would have received. Too many people think they just got a gift when their tax check arrives.

2. The Government produces nothing. They have no way of making money except by taking it from you and me. Any largess given by the Government (local, State, Federal) is money taken from fellow taxpayers. When a local official says the new road is OK because the Federal Government is paying 75% -- YOU are still paying for 100% of the road. Unemployment, welfare, WIC, food stamps all are paid from your wages.

3. If we spent 75 million last year, and we had planned on spending 100 million this year, but revised the budget to 80 million -- that is not a cut. Only in government does logical thinking disappear.

4. Calling Murtha and Pelosi on their resolution that undermines the troops, that encourages the enemy, is not calling them unpatriotic. It is calling them the traitors they are. I find it hard to see how encouraging and giving aid to the enemy is anything but unpatriotic.

5. Why is it too hard for people to understand that new businesses, new housing,and new shopping centers all help lower the overall tax burden. Yes, it is a shame to lose farmland, and yes it will never be recovered, but are we not still paying farmers NOT to plant? Is there a shortage of food in this country? Is there truly a shortage of farmland? Yes farms are disappearing at an alarming rate, yet acres planted has not changed. The family farm is destined to go the way of the corner store and the family business. Progress often sucks.

6. Wal-Mart imports more goods from China than all but two countries in the world. In other words, if Wal-Mart were a country, it would be China's number three largest trading partner. What is going to happen if China actually allows its currency to fluctuate against the dollar? Prices at Wal-Mart will leap upward.

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