February 26, 2007


One thousand, one hundred and nineteen posts. The first was on March 22, 2005. Seven hundred and six days ago. That is an average of three posts every two days. That is more than most newspaper columnists, few compared to some bloggers. A veritable electronic War and Peace compared to Goldbloom lately.

As such I know the old stuff rarely gets read after it ages off the page. There have only been a few bloggers that so entertained me I read their complete archives. Since I know I am not one of these I will do the heavy lifting for you. That is right, Fat in Indiana is going to post reruns.

I am drained, I have nothing for you. I am sick of politics, immigration, and sports. My life is boring. It is my hope that by taking some time off, taking away the self-imposed requirement of posting every day, I can come back fresh and better than ever. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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