February 14, 2007

Questions and comments

Mars is warming. Did man cause that too, or could global warming be caused by the sun?

How gullible do we have to be to accept the argument that global warming causes the winters to be worse?

It took me 6-1/2 hours to drive from Chicago to Indy yesterday. Stupid? Probably, but I did not see the roads getting better today with a whole night of blowing and drifting to come.

The worst stretch of highway was in Marion County (Indianapolis) where it did not appear the roads had been plowed at all.

I walked into the house last night to smell of fresh cookies (oatmeal) baking. Nothing makes you feel home more than that smell.

It may be a pain, but there is little in nature more beautiful than fresh snow.

Am I the only one who thinks the NBA has become unwatchable? That same boring brand of basketball is now creeping into the NCAA.

I have had near-constant muscle spasms near my right shoulder blade for more than three weeks. Should I be worried about this? Do I need to see a doctor?

I have not been to a doctor for nearly 20 years other than for insurance and new hire physicals. I have not been sick. The aches in my right knee, right shoulder, right ankle, and right hand (a hard to discern pattern) may force me to go soon. Pain is a funny thing. How much is too much? Is what I feel mild compared to yours? Am I extraordinarily tough? How much should one feel before going to a medical specialist? Some nights I wake from the pain in my shoulder and knee. Is this something more than hereditary arthritis? Am I just a big wimp? So many questions...

Was anyone fooled toward the end of the previous story? Did you think I dumped the girl when I went to college? What enticements will you give me to post the picture? Would you be disappointed if it were all made up?

I ate a bunch of dried apricots. How many, you ask? Let us just say about 3 shitloads. Did you ever take a dump so foul you could smell it in the opposite end of the house -- twenty minutes later? Me neither.

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