March 20, 2007


Forty-five: approximately the number of links to this blog.

Forty-five: the average number of posts I churn out in a month.

Forty-five: this was my forty-fifth post.

Forty-five years ago these were the top five songs in the country:

1. Hey! Baby - Bruce Channel (Smash) *4 weeks #1* 1
2. Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp (Cameo) 4
3. What's Your Name - Don and Juan (Big Top) 3
4. Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler (Vee Jay) 2
5. Twistin' the Night Away - Sam Cooke (RCA)

Forty-five years ago writer/director Stephen Sommers was born in Indianapolis

Forty-five years ago JFK issued this Executive Order

Forty-five: the atomic weight of Rhodium

Forty-five: the caliber of the world's greatest hand gun.

Forty-five: the approximate number of ounces of beer I have consumed this month.

Forty-five: my favorite ring gauge of cigar.

Forty-five: for a viking, you only a 15% chance of living this long.

Forty-five: the age of Lincoln when he was defeated for the Senate by Stephen Douglas

Forty-five: the age of Thoreau when he died. Also the age at death of James Agee

Forty-five: length in months of WWII in the Pacific.

Forty-five: How old I am today.

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