March 2, 2007

He Lives!

So it is the Lenten Season. It is Friday. I thought about fasting today. Instead I had some coffee, some orange juice and some bacon. My fast is not off to a good start, maybe next week. Will Jesus give me points for good intentions? You see I was really hungry when I got up. I have not eaten much the last few days. Wednesday I put a frozen hamburger patty on the grill for lunch. A customer called and while I was on the phone, silently willing the conversation to end, the burger got more than a little well-done. I ate about half, but it just was a little like eating cheese covered cinders. For supper I made chili, one of the foods I really dislike. I ate one bowl after discarding the vile red beans, but I went to bed hungry. Travelling on Thursday, ate part of a Junior Whopper, threw the rest away. We went to the mall last night to get me some new tennis shoes, sneakers, gym shoes, whatever. The wife was insistent we get home to see American Idol, so we hit the McDonald's drive-through. Again, most of my meal went into the trash. I really had good intentions, but the hunger pains forced me into the bacon box this morning. Am I going to hell? Is my sin counterbalanced since I ate bacon in my personal war to piss of members of the Religion of Peace?

I see on the Comcast homepage TV listing that Breaker Morant is coming on in a bit. I have a fairly good work ethic, and I do not turn on the TV during work hours. I just may have to take a long lunch today. Please do not tell my boss! I have to get my expenses done today, otherwise I am in good shape work-wise.

I hope you are enjoying the reruns this week. I have had a good time reading through my archives. Whatever happened to Breezy, my liberal commenter of days gone by? Are you out there Breezy?

Have a good weekend.

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