March 7, 2007

Hillary For President

I will be seeing more customers before heading home later today.

There was a spot on the Today Show this morning discussing the Hildebeasts focus on being a woman. The piece said Clinton makes sure that she pushes the "I am a woman and it is time for a woman to be President" at every campaign stop. What is sad is that approach seems to be working. Good God, why would we vote for someone just because they are female, or black, or whatever. Why don't we take a novel approach and look at a person's political views? Well. the press does not want that to happen because no Democrat would be ever elected again if most Americans knew what they stood for.

Think Hillary would be a good President? She is a liar and changes her approach based on what she thinks people want to hear. If you are a supporter of hers tell me why in the comments. I know what my response to you will be"

Fucking idiot.

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