June 23, 2007

Final Drafts

When one writes a paper for school or prepares a presentation for a business meeting you prepare a first draft. This version is good. It has all of the points you wish to make, but it is not perfect. It has missing punctuation, maybe the charts and graphs are not quite right. This version probably acceptable, and usable, but it is flawed.

You polish things up, fix the errors and the next draft is your final draft, perfect in every way. You love both efforts, but that second is best.

My brother Otter tried to sprinkle some kind of nonsense in the comments on a post yesterday about the oldest sibling being better.
A study came out today stating that the first born are smarter, better looking, and moms likes the first born more…

Far be it for me to piss on his campfire, but life just does not work that way. If the first draft was perfect, there would not be a second. Clearly there was something flawed in the first born, else parents would not have a second child. In our family Otter was a bit, well let us use the term "off"; so they had me. When I came out perfect (although a bit early) they stopped having kids. If you do not believe this theory ask any middle child who Mom loves best.

Sadly Otter, I have to be the one to break this to you -- Mom always loves the youngest best because we are the ones that turned out perfect. There is only one exception to this rule, and that is in my house. All my kids are final drafts and I love them equally. The rest of you older brothers and sisters, sorry if the truth hurts.

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