June 9, 2007

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In a lot of ways I am like Forrest Gump; I am not a smart man. I never used to think so, but when it comes to this whole immigration issue I believe the solution is not that hard. If you are here illegally you must go.

I understand the concept of shipping home 12 million or so people will cause a problem. After all, most of these people are doing a job of some sort. I do think that if we take away the incentive to be here most will return of their own accord.

I have expounded on this many times and I have yet to get any rebuttal on these proposals:

1. Build the double fence. Mine it if you have to. Patrol it, use sensors, whatever -- control the border.

2. Place a tax, tariff. surcharge on any funds transfer sent out of the country to Mexico of 20% by any individual.

3. Fine any employer caught hiring illegal workers $100,000 for the first PERSON, Double it for every subsequent illegal hire. I am not talking incident, but every person caught in a raid etc. I am not a computer expert, but I do not think it would be that hard to create a database and find instances of duplicate SSNs being used. Run the search and go after the employers and workers using illegal SSNs.

4. Enforce the laws already on the books. Impeach, prosecute and create a new culture of intolerance for any municipality, Mayor, City Council, LEO who will not enforce the laws on immigration. No safe zones. Banks, DMV, etc. should not be allowed to accept the 'consular ID cards, heck even the Mexican Government will not accpt them as valid identification.

5. No more free Citizenship for illegals coming here to drop babies. This one is hard, and needs Constitutional Amendment to happen. This is not what our forefathers had in mind. Illegals should not get rewarded fro breaking the law.

6. Any immigrant convicted of a felony should be deported. No exceptions, illegal or legal.

Did you know the DOT is going to allow Mexican trucking firms and drivers unfettered access to our roads and highways? The Houe voted overwhelmingly to stop this nonsense, but the Bush-led DOT is going forward anyway as soon as July of this year. There is no evidence Mexico has control over thier trucking industry and driver and vehicle safety. The DOT is going forward because the Senate has not moved the Bill to committee. Why is this a good idea? Write your Senator and tell them to get this stopped.

There you have it, HBs guide to solving the illegal immigrant issue. Follow these steps, then we can discuss guest workers, visas, etc. Treat this like a plumbing problem: find the leak, stop the leak, then repair the plumbing. Congress is trying to replace every pipe in the house and modify entire sewer system. What they should do is crawl under the sink and turn off the water. I like a good debate, show me the error of my ways.

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