June 15, 2007

On being a Hoosierboy

It is Friday. I am reading the blogs over there on the sidebar. I read most of them every day. Just so you know.

Tonight is our last regular season baseball game. We play the other sucky team in the league. We have beat them. We also drew them for the first game of the tourney next week. It will be interesting o see how the team plays. After playing six games in ten days, we have not played for eight days. I was not able to schedule a practice. My employers have this unreasonable demand I actually do some work for my meagre pay. The boy made the all star team. He should have, he has been a starter for the last 4 years and has one of the highest batting averages every year.

The A/C is fixed, pipes frozen, freon added (or whatever they use these days).

I try not to talk about work here, it is a dangerous habit. I have one customer a little more than 2 hours away. Not a long drive, but enough. This is not my biggest customer, but in the top five (The top three account for about 70% of my territory). This customer brought in a new buyer about a year ago.. He is young and is still learning his way, although he says he has previous purchasing experience. Every time I visit he blows me off. Yesterday I spent a whopping three minutes in his office. Nearly five hours total driving to spend three fucking minutes? Why did he agree to the appointment? This guy is incapable of a conversation.

HB: How is business?
Buyer: Not bad.
HB: How does the rest of the year look?
Buyer: About the same as last year.
HB: How is your family?
Buyer: OK
HB: You taking a vacation this summer?
Buyer: No
HB: Do your boys play baseball or soccer (anything?)
Buyer: not really
HB: About your customer who wants you to switch widget suppliers away from us, we will be glad to go and speak with your end user.
Buyer: OK. I will tell our sales guys.
HB: Why don't we go down to that department now and I will tell him what we can do to help keep this customer?
Buyer: Naw, he says he has it under control. Anything else?
HB: only I have to stab you with this mechanical pencil right in the jugular vein...

Is it a power trip to make me drive up there and blow me off? Is he incapable of conducting a conversation? Is he afraid to tell me he does not have time (happens every f-ing day) when I call for an appointment (I NEVER visit a customer without an appointment). Is he just a fucking dolt? It will be a long time before I visit again, that I can tell you. How do you even write a call report for a three minute conversation? This guy is like talking to drywall.


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