June 19, 2007

Pick those berries, mow that lawn

It seems some big liberal/progressives/leftists has taken umbrage at one of my illegal immigration posts. Of course they use the old tactic of the left, instead of debate they label me as too dumb to understand the concept of a parable. Us "beef jerkey brigaders" are just too ignorant to understand that we should not put out birdfeeders, lest we attract Mexicans. Somehow this makes us racist fucks and assholes. Yep, I am the one insinuating Mexicans eat birdseed?

These elite are so ignorant they believe we all have brown people to do our household chores, mow our lawns and do the gardening. Right, and Jeeves drives my children to prep school in the Rolls.

If it is racist to think people should follow the law, then I am guilty. What is so hard to grasp about the term "illegal"? A quick perusal of the police blotter in my small town newspaper will show more than 50% of those charged with crimes have Hispanics surnames. More than 50% of the traffic accidents involve those with Hispanic surnames. Does pointing that out make me a racist?

I am called a racist because I call bullshit on the myth these people do the work Americans refuse? Ask any high school kid looking for a part time or summer job what is available. Even the old standby jobs detasseling and baling hay are hard to come by anymore.

There are several Japanese transplant factories in my community. Managers from Japan come to town with their families. They hire tutors, they create jobs. Their kids go to school and struggle until they learn English. Hispanics come, they demand the school newsletter be printed in Spanish, the schools have to hire aids to teach them English. There has never been a Japanese aid hired. Does pointing this out make me a racist asshole?

Here is what I propose:

1. Build the double fence. Mine it if you have to. Patrol it, use sensors, whatever -- control the border.

2. Place a tax, tariff, surcharge on any funds transfer sent out of the country to Mexico of 20% by any individual.

3. Fine any employer caught hiring illegal workers $100,000 for the first PERSON, Double it for every subsequent illegal hire. I am not talking incident, but every person caught in a raid etc. I am not a computer expert, but I do not think it would be that hard to create a database and find instances of duplicate SSNs being used. Run the search and go after the employers and workers using illegal SSNs.

4. Enforce the laws already on the books. Impeach, prosecute and create a new culture of intolerance for any municipality, Mayor, City Council, LEO who will not enforce the laws on immigration. No safe zones. Banks, DMV, etc. should not be allowed to accept the 'consular ID cards, heck even the Mexican Government will not accept them as valid identification.

5. No more free Citizenship for illegals coming here to drop babies. This one is hard, and needs Constitutional Amendment to happen. This is not what our forefathers had in mind. Illegals should not get rewarded fro breaking the law.

6. Any immigrant convicted of a felony should be deported. No exceptions, illegal or legal.

If that makes me a racist asshole, then I guess I am guilty. Now I am hungry, I think I will get me some beef jerky. In the morning I am going to take down my bird feeder.

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