July 13, 2007

Insert your own clever title

Did you miss me? 1,200 miles of windshield time this week. My rear is numb. I have a few rants swirling in my fecund brain, only I am not sure if they are my thoughts or the compilation of hours of various talk shows that streamed through the airwaves into the radio in my shitty Taurus. Above is a picture of the sky I took from my window. The ground is flat, the phone was tilted. It is hard to take a quality photograph when you are barrelling down the interstate at 80 mph. I thought the clouds were cool. So far pictures of the world from my car seem to be the only use I have found for the camera attached to my phone.

As I was driving Wednesday afternoon I was thinking about an old friend and former customer. He used to live in the area I was passing through. I had not spoken to him in about three years. About ten minutes later my mobile rang. A voice said "HB, this is a voice from your past." I knew right away who it was since I was just thinking about him! Crazy eh? He is back buying my products and may become a customer again.

Work beckons, and I have many blogs to read.

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