July 5, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

We went north to our friend's house to celebrate our nation's birthday. My buddy bought a mini keg of imported German Donkel beer. We polished it off. I ate a couple of Brats, and some of my semi world famous mashed potato salad and some deviled eggs and chips, and ...Let us say I drank and ate and had a good time. I smoked a Gurka cigar I had been saving and later had a nice H. Uppman. Today I feel like the Russian army did maneuvers on my tongue -- in their dirty socks. We lit off some firecrackers and bottle rockets and a few roman candles. Later we went to see the town's firework show and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The wife drove us home and I slept in the car. A great evening all around.

Did you enjoy my history lesson yesterday? Did you learn something? Now you can bore your friends, and coworkers with a little trivia. If you were to ask the average American what battle produced the highest casualty rate you probably get answers ranging from D-Day to Custer, to the Alamo, to Gettysburg or even a few might answer Antietam. Few would have mention St. Clair, Blue Jacket or Little Turtle. Why don't we teach this shit in school? I have always said history can be as exciting as any movie or book you can mention, because it all has happened before. Think history is boring? Go read this post by the Fat Hairy one. Would you have liked history more in school if it was taught in this fashion? That is enough of that, the height of this soapbox is making me dizzy.

Go forth and prosper.

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