August 19, 2007


So the spouse and I were at Wal-Mart the other day. I know -- hot time in the city, but that is just how we roll. The lines are long as usual. Our local Wal-Mart boasts at least forty check out lanes. you can never find more than six open at any time. There are two women standing next to a cart overloaded with cases of bottled water. Under the basket, in the seat, tossed willy-nilly in the basket. Lots of water. The women are wearing burkas, sans the face covering, but they are Indians or Muslims of some kind.

Without missing a step the wife mutters, "They would not be so thirsty if they took of all of those black clothes."

We visited some friends of ours this evening. They related a story about their six year old daughter. The couple was recently taking a walk with their daughter. They passed a house occupied by a group of Hispanics. The Hispanics were playing music and dancing in front of the house. The little girl exclaimed " Look Momma, They are having a fiesta!"

You cannot beat Hoosier women of any age.

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