August 26, 2007

Leonidas likes it Greek Style

I crack myself up, really I do. You have to read that "really I do" with that east coast Vassar accent the ladies all used in old-time 1920/30's movies. You know that snooty accent? Could you stand bedding a chick with an accent like that? "Oh Charles, You make me all tingly. We simply must get Carmen to clean this mess. Tennis anyone?" No, you are right. I am not sure where that was going. Maybe it is time to get back on the meds.

Jeepers the Lions are pathetic. Manning put up stats in the first half that many quarterbacks would wet their pants if they could do it in a whole game. Man, that is a poorly written sentence.

Do not tell anyone -- I am drinking coffee at the computer. A HUGE no-no at the HB homestead.

I have some good stuff going on today. I do not think I will discuss it with you. Not even if you send me hot naked pictures.

Sorry, but the picture of the "Restored Indian Village near Lafayette" -- that cracks me up. Now you know what kind of humor gets me going.

Go forth, good readers and enjoy yourself this Sunday. Report back here and let me know what you did, especially if you got laid, or fantasized about doing the nasty with a certain Spartan King (YOU know who you are!)

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