August 27, 2007

Overthrow the Government

The left in this country has become so off-kilter, so deranged, so much the rabid dog I fear for the future of our nation. Never in the darkest days of the Clinton Criminal co-Presidency did any sane person advocate a traitorous act of sedition. Martin Lewis advocated no less in the Huffington Post Saturday. This crazed left-winger has asked General Pace to actually arrest the President for conduct unbecoming an officer. First, the President is a civilian. While he is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, he is not a commissioned officer. In the second case being a bad CIC, or making poor decisions regarding the use of the military has become a tradition for a few decades now. Could the mis-management (or micromanagement) of the war in Vietnam be a better example? Every life lost by an American is precious, but this administration has about 47,000 lives to go before it reaches the gross incompetency of that of LBJ and company. Do we need to discuss the horrific decisions made by the previous administration in Somalia or the Balkans? If we are going to allow the military to decide what is sound policy, we become no more than a banana republic. When the Praetorian Guard began to decide who would be Caesar, the end was in sight for the Roman Empire.

The military decisions in this country are taken in this nation by civilians, not the military command. There is good reason for this. Go read or rent Flight of the Intruder to get a view of this. In the movie Fred Thompson of all people explains the whys to young Jake Grafton in one of the most moving parts of the movie. We all understand why Grafton did what he did. We also all know it was wrong.

The hysterical rantings of Mr. Martin are a sign the left has finally lost control. If a right leaning reporter had suggested a similar act under the Clinton Presidency he would have been jailed for sedition, the NY Times and ABCNBCCBSCNN sounding the charge. The airwaves would be choked with invective against right wingers. Matt Lauer would look at the camera grave faced and ask where we are as a nation. This article stirs not a feather in the mainstream media. That tells you where the left and the Democrat Party has gone. They court the crazies at HUFFPO, KOS and their ilk because they believe what they say. Go read the article and convince me I am wrong.

If you would vote for these people you are a nut job. You are trying to destroy the basic freedoms of this nation. Treason is not free speech, sedition is not a right. The only positive is the fact that most right-leaning citizens also support the Second Amendment. We will protect our nation. We have the guns.

edit. Read through the comments on the article, now Lewis claims it was all satire and irony. Funny he was defending the position to the end on Saturday. Perhaps he read the Constitution? Perhaps he spoke with a lawyer? BTW, in all seriousness, could someone explain to me the laws Bush has broken? On what grounds should he be impeached/arrested/removed from office? Did he lie in open court? Did he sell US Military secrets to the Chinese? Did he rape someone? Did he sexually harrass an intern? What has he done that so inflames the moonbats?

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