August 11, 2007

Saturday, in the park...

Smell that? Yep, those are brownies in the oven. I got up early to do a little baking. We are off today for a little get-together with my wife's family.

There is an air of gloom settled over the house. The youngest starts back to school on Monday. He is not thrilled. This past week he has had football conditioning every day. He sleeps till well past noon, and football from 3-5 every day he thinks he lost a week. I agree, mid-August is too early to go back to school.

The daughter returns to college Tuesday and the oldest boy moves into his college dorm on Thursday. It is going to be quiet and lonesome around here. It will be interesting how the youngest handles his brother moving to college. The boys have always shared a room. Lately they are not as close as they used to be. The five years difference is marked as they reach their teens. It will be interesting.

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