August 2, 2007

Shark week

So, if I were a troll I would think twice before I insulted Kelly or antagonized Big Dick. Wonderful people. I just would not screw around with Dick. I cannot express my thanks to these kind people who spent their evening entertaining this traveler.

I saw a sight this morning that just cracked me up. I went down to the hotel breakfast. As I was finishing up a guy came in the breakfast room. He was middle aged. He was wearing highly polished black loafers and black socks pulled above his calves. I knew this since he was wearing plaid shorts. At first glance I thought they were boxers. He was also wearing a white V-necked undershirt. Comical.

WE had a big disappointment yesterday morning. Every time it looks like things are turning, the old Hoosierboy luck kicks in and the worst always happens. Some days it is hard to count your blessings as you are again beat to the canvas of life's boxing ring. I am a stubborn donkey and I get up, always fighting.

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