September 26, 2007

Live Blogging a tired mind

I just set up an appointment for lunch with a customer for next week. That fills the whole week with travel. Good for work, bad for the old blog. One is for paying the bills and the other for getting my thrills. Guess which one gets precedence?

I had a late breakfast/early lunch just now. Is 10:30 am too early for a Salisbury Steak TV Dinner? I have eaten one of those Banquet Brand delicacies nearly every week for the last three or four years. Today it tasted a little flat, I think I am getting burned out.

When my oldest son was born we bought a couple of matching unfinished dressers for about $25 each for the two kids to use. The Daughter got a matching dresser/bedroom set shortly after the youngest was born. These two dressers have been repaired/painted/repaired/rebuilt/repainted countless times in the last 19 years. When we moved, one of the dressers just split apart at the back. It was as if the two end panels were doing the splits. The dresser is now on its back in the garage ready for a sad death at the county landfill, too ruptured for further repairs. The wife found a replacement last night at WalMart for $59. I bet we do not get nearly twenty years of life from this China-made piece of furniture (that I have to assemble).

Pink Floyd's Saucerful of Secrets just played on my iTunes. That is a freaky composition.

The sun is trying peek through the clouds, we had rain all through the night courtesy of tropical storm whatever that hit Texas/Louisiana last weekend.

You get more posts this week than usual. I was supposed to spend the first three days viewing a production startup. That was pushed out for various reasons. I cannot get a firm date on the reschedule, and the engineer is going to be pissed my dance card is filling quickly for the next several weeks. I cannot just sit in the office waiting on this one customer to move forward.

The boy thinks he might get the start at safety this week. He will find out tonight.

I have had nothing new to read for about a week. I am going crazy. I spend nearly all of my free time reading. To make matters worse, TV is a more vast (vaster?) wasteland than ever this season.

JamesOldGuy wrote a cool post (the link for old and evil is over on the sidebar) comparing Indiana and South Carolina. SC wins hands down in my book too. We do have breaded tenderloin, though.

Purdue is getting more than 20 points against the Golden Domers. Who would have thunk...Notre Dame is worse than bad this year. I bet the Holy Father regrets that 10 year extension they gave Fat Charlie. I am sure I am not the only only one to recognize former Belichek ass't coaches have less than stellar records as head coaches. Maybe they are not studying the right kind of tape...

The UAW settled with GM. I am not sure who got the better part of the deal. I think the Union was surprised by the lack of public support for their cause.

I have started the dishwasher and a load of towels is next. I am only allowed to do towels since I tend to mix dark and light clothing together and dry it all to the point of shrinkage. Attention men -- do this a few times and you will never be asked to do real laundry again. It is well worth the price of a few new shirts.

*&%#@$%*&^ Cubs

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