September 22, 2007

Mattress Football

A man and his wife hit the sack and just as she turned out the lights he cut a massive fart. She told him that was sick, and he replied "7-0", my lead.

Tired of him stinking up the bedroom every night the wife decided to give him a dose of his own medicine, and let lose a smelly wet explosion of anal mustard gas that would choke a skunk. "7-7" tie she said. That fart felt so good she turned on her side and let another one in his direction. "14-7" she laughed triumphantly. Finally he was getting paid back.

The husband fumed. His little joke was being turned on him! He strained and pushed in a vain effort to get a little gas of any kind. He swallowed air, he pushed until he was sure to get swollen hemorrhoids. Suddenly he farted the fart of all farts and actually shit in the bed.

"What the hell?" screamed his wife, "I cannot believe you just crapped in the bed."

He just grinned. "Halftime, switch sides."

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