September 7, 2007

The Miller's Tale

You would think I would have plenty to spout about after a week layoff. I could bore you with tales of the move, or the incredible story that led to the move, but I promised no tales of woe and no more poor HB pity posts. We are in a great place and I hope I never have to move again. And the wife better get rid of some of this shit or one of us WILL be moving again.

The Colts sure destroyed the Aints. If the Horseshoes have really developed a defense, the rest of the league may be in trouble. I do not care if Randy I am entitled to take a few plays off Moss is now a Patriot.

Dallas Clark is one of the most underrated tight ends in football.

I got a call this morning from someone wanting me to help build a Habitat For Humanity house. I said "Jimmah, you can kiss my ass." I should do it. I just do not want to. I have some time to decide.

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