September 24, 2007

More idiots in the news

GM has been taking it in the shorts for years. The Japanese have gobbled up market share. GM Management mortgaged the future of the company with outrageous pensions and benefits for the workers. That bill is now due. The future of the former big three is not a rosy picture. How does the UAW and GM solve the problems facing the company? A strike! That is right workers walked off the job last night. I can tell you there is no better way for workers and companies to succeed than by just producing nothing, earning nothing. That lost pay will never be made up. The calender will never give back those lost production days. What kind of people would rather lose everything, including the long-term prospect of employment?

Ahrens has seven years at the plant, where she works nights installing speakers in sport utility vehicles. She waited outside the building Monday for her husband, Ron Ahrens, who has worked there for 21 years.

The couple has three children, including a college freshman, and Ahrens worried about how they would pay their bills.

"This is horrible, but we're die-hard union, so we have to," Ahrens said. "We got a mortgage, two car payments and tons of freaking bills."
(emphasis mine)

The Union promises Ford and Chrysler are next. Honda is building new plants in the US, so is Toyota. The UAW is doing its best to live in the seventies. Good luck with that.

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