September 18, 2007

Tuesday Grab Bag

If you think HillaryCare version 2.0 is a good idea, please let me know in the comments. I will then proceed to make fun of you, demonstrate your moonbattery, call you names, and prove you wrong. I miss my trolls. Common, argue your case!

Has American Industry forgotten the concept of speed? Our ability to react, solve problems and make changes on the fly are the foundation of business practices that allowed us lead the world in productivity. Maybe it is me. I have always had a low level of patience. I have never accepted excuses. We should ask "why not", instead of answering "that is not how we do it." About two lifetimes ago (bore alert)I was put in charge of changing the production control system in the plant I worked from and MRP II system to a JIT system. When we started the leadtimes were in excess of 60 weeks, with on-time delivery hovering around a less-than-impressive 10%. For those non-manufacturing types that meant if you ordered one of our widgets today, we would promise to ship it to you about a year from now. There was a 90% chance we would not deliver the parts after that year. In less than 6 months we reduced the leadtime to 6 weeks and on-time delivery to 95%. This is very good. I was able to make this happen because I refused to accept excuses. I was not even thirty years old when given this assignment. I am older and wiser now and I know I was given the task because I was expected to fail. I was to be the fall guy when the wish-management commands came from Corporate to make this change ("wish-management" = the boss wishes it to happen, therefore it will). Man, I bet people were shocked. At least the management at the plant had the skills to make sure they got the credit. I eliminated my job and was offered a position in sales. Here I am today.

The Colts did not look great, but a win is a win.

I watched the Cubs off/on last night. Every time I tuned in the Reds took the lead. If I channel-surfed the Cubs would rally. I turned the game off to watch the news in a fit of disgust over base-running errors and fly balls falling untouched in the outfield only to flip back later to see the Cubs win! I guess I should quit watching all together.

I have been posting light in order to help my favorite Brooklynite catch up on her blog reading. The sacrifices I make for my Blogroll Buddies...

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