September 21, 2007

What do I want today?

If you are not working to make me happy, you should be assisting someone who is. You do not have to like this reality of life, but facts are facts. As Gradgrind said "In this life, we want nothing but Facts, sir; nothing but Facts!" (there is an obscure literary reference for you). And it is a fact you should all be thinking about the old Hoosierboy and his needs on a regular basis. You can prove your faithfulness by clicking here several times a day. You could also toss me a link or two for good measure. What do I need today?

Bacon, I could really, really go for some bacon right now.

I would not mind winning the lottery.

I really want some bacon.

That will get me through the next few minutes. Like a two year old I will have some more immediate needs soon. Stay tuned.

What are YOU doing for Hoosierboy today?

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