October 12, 2007

I wanna hold your hand, 'cause we can't play footsie

On some subjects I am clueless. That never keeps me from pontificating, however. Divorce is one of those subjects.

I saw on the news Heather Mills is claiming Sir Paul should pony up 150 Million or so of his hard earned money since they are getting divorced. I think he owes her a share of any monies he made while they were married, but what right does she claim the cash earned as a Beatle? Was she there during the 12 hour sets in Hamburg? Was she at the sweltering lunch concerts at the Cavern Club? Was she pelted by jellie beans, her life in danger after every concert in the US? Did she have to put up with Yoko Ono?

I guess the bigger question is why did he not get a pre-nup?

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