October 23, 2007


Long day at a customer location. I really have nothing to offer except my opinion that Tony Kornheiser is a complete dooshbag. Did he not recognize that New England was NOT playing the MNF game last night? I swear he sleeps with a blow-up Tom Brady Doll. I think he would blow Brady if he walked into the broadcast booth.

My wife was reading a magazine while the game was on, and even she commented about the love affair. She asked why I did not turn down the sound. I would have, but the Colts gave the broadcast rights to an AM station that pumps out about 50 watts after dark. I am stuck watching the assholes on ESPN.

I never thought I would miss Howard Cossel and Dandy Don. Even a stuttering bumbling Madden or a caustic Dennis Miller is better than Jaws and Korheiser screaming at each other. Oh, and nice job almost missing the safety because we are too busy talking to Russell Crowe about rugby.

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