October 21, 2007

Up in Smoke

I enjoy a good cigar periodically. I have a small humidor and it usually has 15 to twenty cigars nestled in cedar/tobacco scented humidity. Lately, there is a variety of bands and sizes represented. I have moved away from buying stogies by the box to purchases of cigars that I like or catch my fancy. Nearly all are 'good' cigars, none are the kind you would find at the drug store or gas station, if you understand.

I have maduros and naturals, Most are of medium ring size and length. One aspect is a constant. My best, most expensive cigars will be waiting, meticulously cared for. I will purchase a good cigar, paying ten, fifteen or more hard-earned greenbacks. Then I will not smoke it. The Ashton Cabinet selection I acquired for my daughter's graduation -- unsmoked. Maybe I will try to light it at her college graduation next year. This same tale could be told for a half a dozen perfectos in the humidor.

The 20 cigar box of H. Uppmans gifted me by my wife for Christmas took years to burn up in fragrant smoke. I gave away probably 6-8 at that. The last of the litter I smoked last winter -- probably 12 years after being out in the humidor.

My very good cigars --I know they are there. I take them out on occasion and smell their magnificent aroma, inhaling the scent of fine tobacco and the perfumes of cedar. I gently put them in their place and grab a less expensive smoke to enjoy on the deck. Should they age that long? Am I missing on the full bodied flavour by admiring the construction instead of smoking the little turds? Maybe. I just cannot help myself. I buy 'em and I keep 'em. Just another quirk of the old HB.

Aren't you proud? A whole post about cigars and never a crack about Clinton/Lewinski. Until the end anyway.

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